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What is Toyota Connect?

Toyota Connect is an infotainment and telematics system offered in select Toyota vehicles. It provides various features such as navigation, entertainment, remote access, and vehicle diagnostics.

The benefits of Toyota Connect include enhanced convenience, increased safety and security, and better driving experiences through access to real-time traffic and weather updates, hands-free communication, and remotely monitor and control the vehicle.

Safety Connect

Emergency Assistance Button

Engaging the Emergency Assistance button in your vehicle can connect you with a 24/7 response center agent who can request dispatch of necessary emergency services to your vehicle’s location in case of a medical or other emergency on the road.

Enhanced Roadside Assistance

At the press of the Emergency Assistance button, you can connect with 24/7 Roadside Assistance.

Automatic Collision Notification

Our 24/7 response center is automatically notified in the event of an airbag deployment or severe rear-end collision. The 24/7 response center agent will attempt to speak with the vehicle’s occupants and then notify local emergency services to request dispatch of emergency services to the vehicle’s location.

Stolen Vehicle Locator

Should you find yourself in a vehicle-theft situation, immediately file a police report and notify our response center so agents can assist authorities in locating your vehicle using GPS technology.

Service Connect

Vehicle Health Report

Receive information about your vehicle including:
- Applicable recalls and service campaigns
- Vehicle warnings and alerts
- Maintenance information

Vehicle Maintenance Alert

Vehicle alerts and maintenance alerts sent to both you and your preferred dealer. Should you opt in to this convenient service, this allows your dealer to contact you when maintenance is required.

Maintenance Reminder

With Service Connect, you can receive maintenance reminders via email or the Toyota app.


The Toyota app will provide access to available Service Connect information. No matter where you are or where you’re going, you’ve got peace of mind with up-to-date information on the health and status of your vehicle.

Remote Connect

Remote Start

Remotely lock/unlock your doors and start the vehicle remotely using your compatible smart device.

Vehicle Status Alert

Check the status of your Toyota vehicle’s doors, windows, odometer and fuel level.


Get alerts sent to the primary account owner related to exceeding preset limits of speed, curfew or miles driven.


Allows you to quickly and easily find your vehicle in an uncovered parking lot.

Drive Connect

Cloud Navigation

Effortless navigation—connected easier than ever. With the available Drive Connect subscription, your map information from routing to traffic can be available even in situations with limited connectivity. Cloud Navigation includes an improved and intuitive interface, along with real-time traffic elements.

Destination Assist

Chat with a live agent for directions to restaurants, hotels and fuels stations—completely hands-free and available 24/7. Destination Assist also sends route information directly to your vehicle while you focus on the road.

Intelligent Assistant

More control simply at the sound of your voice. Improving the traditional voice command system, Intelligent Assistant is your onboard—and on-demand—assistant that can help you find locations and contacts, send messages, and navigate new routes.

Apple Carplay &
Android Auto

Toyota Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are infotainment systems offered in some Toyota vehicles that allow the integration of a smartphone's features and apps into the vehicle's multimedia display. CarPlay is designed for Apple iPhones while Android Auto is designed for Android smartphones. This integration allows users to access maps, music, messaging, and other smartphone features through the vehicle's touchscreen, voice commands, or steering wheel controls, providing a safer and more convenient driving experience.