Toyota Hybrid Vehicles

How does Hybrid Synergy Drive work?

Hybrid synergy drive involves six different components.  A gasoline engine, an electric motor, the power control unit, an electric generator and a power splitting unit that works in conjunction with the transmission to seamlessly utilize the power from the engine and electric motor.  When the gasoline engine is running, the system uses the generator to charge the battery.  In certain driving conditions the engine will shut off and the vehicle will be powered by the electric motor.

How is the battery charged?

The battery is charged via two ways, the first being the generator that is driven by the gasoline engine.  The second way is done by regenerative braking.  When you let off the accelerator the rolling mass and braking energy is routed back into the battery to be used later.  The Toyota Prius plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) can be plugged in as it has a longer electric-only driving range.

How many hybrid cars does Toyota offer?


Toyota Corolla Hybrid


Camry Hybrid

RAV4 Hybrid

Highlander Hybrid