New Vehicle Department

New Vehicle Department at Woodbine Toyota

Come to Woodbine Toyota for a new inventory of hundreds of vehicles for your choosing. Stocked with the latest 2020 models, from Camry to RAV4 to Tacoma, if it says Toyota, we’re the dealership to see. We provide several tools, like trade-in appraisal and vehicle quotes, as well as a healthy demo inventory, to help you find the exact vehicle you want, and at a great price. Seeing is believing, but test-driving is truly experiencing what a Toyota feels like at your control. From an extensive new inventory to the tools that make shopping even easier, Woodbine Toyota is your pre-eminent Etobicoke destination for a new Toyota.

Toyota Model Line-up in Etobicoke, ON

Whatever Toyota model you desire, we can get it for you from our extensive new inventory. From coupes and sedans and hatchbacks to pickups and SUVs and vans, and from gas to hybrid, there’s always the perfect vehicle for you at Woodbine Toyota. Classics like the Camry and Corolla never go out of style, while the RAV4 and 4Runner still remain a top choice for those looking to seek adventure on the weekend. Looking toward the future of vehicles? Try out the Prius, or the hybrid variations of mainstays like the Highlander and Camry. Toyota has always maintained one of the most diverse selections of models across automotives, so come to Woodbine Toyota and browse the seemingly limitless selection yourself.

Vehicle Valuation

Looking to see how far your money can get you when shopping for a new vehicle? We’ve got several tools and programs that will help get you in a new Toyota if you’re operating from a budget. If you’ve seen the perfect vehicle on our website and want to get rid of your current vehicle, we’ll take it! Our trade-in appraisal form helps you get a good estimate of how much we’ll take it for, and thus how much you can put toward a new vehicle. Maybe you can’t find the vehicle you want in our inventory, but you know all the specifications of what you want. Our vehicle quotation request form takes all your info on the desired car, then we’ll get back to you with a quote on how much what you’re looking for is. Our demo inventory consists of lightly used new vehicles (often used as tests or ones driven by employees for things like events), which are like-new but come at a cheaper price. Take advantage of any of these offerings from our dealership and you’ll soon find yourself in a new vehicle.

Request a Test Drive

Sure, it’s all well and good to research your dream car online and know everything about it that way, but you’re still missing a crucial piece of the buying experience, the driving experience! We’ll happily let you test drive the vehicle you’re looking at, so you can get a true feel for how it operates, handles and how you are controlling it, there’s absolutely no substitution for that. It’s easy to book one, too, all thanks to our online request a test drive form, which simply asks for your information and appointment date. Once you’ve submitted it, we’ll get back to you to confirm all the details, and soon have you testing your favourite car!

If you have any inquiries about a model in our inventory or need help through any other part of our new vehicle department, one of our sales representatives would be more than happy to assist, so please reach out.